Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sweet Mama Pic & a bit of Family Knitting

I love Mama Pic’s & this one is super sweet

Miss Annika,  Rockin her BOKU Longies

BOKU LongiesThank You for sharing Rachael!  She’s a doll.

Miss Alix needed a warm hat to coordinate with her Christmas outfit.  Something warm and simple.

Using the Dakine Knits pattern “Be Gentle” & sizing up with aran weight Bollicine Lampedusa gave me the perfect newborn cap.

It will be great with her Christmas outfit and, after Christmas I’ll add a bit of pink flowers

wips 010

More not so great photos

I finished the longies to Alix’s pink, cream & green set.

  A SMSS Kimono and coordinating longieswips 005

Accented with a pink & green flower Tessa Ann button. 

Oops, just realized I forgot a hat!

Stay warm out there!


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