Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Ended with Empty Needles!

Everything is DONE, the needles are empty & will probably be the last time till 2013 rolls around.  It helped a lot that Larry was gone overnight hunting, I never sleep when he’s gone so rather lay in bed watching the minutes click by on the clock,  I stayed up and knit.

I finished The Tallulah Dress , pattern by Suzanne Williams from LaPetite Krott Creations on “Foxtrot” hand dyed by Jenny of Little Trunks Knits

When I hear the name Tallulah, I think of a young sassy cajun girl doin the 2 step…laughing & dancing the night away on a hot humid southern night. The music is blasting, feet are thumping against the wooden floor, children running and playing darting in and around the tables.  Folks are sweating in the heat.  The lights hanging around the dance floor like fire flies sparkling against the dark sky. 

  The full skirt, fitted bodice and lace at the bottom solidify that image in my mind….so I give you,

Tallulah, Not the 2 Step, The Fox Trot!


Tallulah a bit of a tom boy but loves her feminine touches of lace with a flirty full skirt


I’m not sure why but each knit has it’s own personality to me & I often wonder how close I come to the recipient…or who they grow up to be.  Silly I know but… can you just see the old folk in the corner tapping their canes to the music, watching the dancers with wistful smiles of days gone by.

2012 is going to be a wonderful year!


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