Sunday, January 8, 2012

“All Around The Town” Longies Listed Today

Primary colors of red, blues, greens and orange, a unisex mix of color that will match a multitude of tops or shirts.  A nice sturdy “springy” merino that will wear well.All Around the town Longies 005

On the needles now, well actually they are drying….Capri’s.  Yes, It’s barely winter and I’m thinking of spring already.  Pictures will be up tomorrow once they are dryAll Around the town Longies 009

I popped into my local yarn store this weekend and they’d just unpacked a shipment of Noro.

 “Just look and drool” I thought…. & I was OK till I touched it…petted it.  OK fondled it.

I bought it.  Like I really need more wool!

So, Noro longies are on the needles.  Progress photo’s up tomorrow.

Stay warm out there!


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  1. Those are very bright pants...just what I like (and what my husband hates) I haven't quite figured out WHY someone would put wool pants on their kid over a diaper without a waterproof cover on it. Wouldn't that just make the pants wet and stinky? and wouldn't you just have to change the pants every single diaper change? I don't have enough time in my life to wash that many loads of laundry!