Friday, January 13, 2012

Knittin and Playin

The Braided head band.  I love this shade of plum, wintery but fun too.

I played with the pattern a bit, added more of a band on either side and the cables still pop but don’t stand out quite as far. I think I’ll be adding a few of these to the shop, if there are colors you’re looking for let me know.

Braided Headband & Noro Cowl Blaby Hat 001

We had our first real snow yesterday & I celebrated & played for a while with the spinning wheel.  I’ve not hardly touched it for 6-7 months.  It felt good to feel the fibers and hear the hum of the wheel.  I spun up some single ply.  I do need practice!  It came out a bit of a thick and thin but useable….and use it I did.

Homespun Baby Hat

Braided Headband & Noro Cowl Blaby Hat 008

Nothing super fancy but, it was nice to actually make something from my own work!


Have you joined Pinterest?

Talk about fun!  A virtual bulletin board of …..well just any thing!

I’ve found some really great organizing, decorating & craft ideas.  I was looking for some Easter crafts to do with the kids and found this… hard boiled eggs and crayon!  Who comes up with these idea’s!  It was fun but, I’ll have to figure a way for the kids to dodo this as they were hot!

Noro Cowl 001

I didn’t see any directions but if you try this, as soon as you’re done with your design, run it under cold water (on the back side of the egg) to help set the design.

Gotta run

Stay warm out there!


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