Thursday, April 22, 2010

Completed Customs, Stocking & WIP’s

Bright Stripes Longies on the way to a happy Mama today!bright stripes 009

And in Honor of Earth Day,  The Etsy cloth Diaper team has a wonderful giveaway & sale running right now so be sure and check it out for all your fluffy needs!

I  also stocked a  pair of small shorties in Deep Green or OD Green,  The tie is a coordinating soft moss.  They look a little lumpy in the photo, lanolized and drying now.OD Green Shorties 006 I’m working on a new pattern, a sleep gown.  Using the same principal of the sleep sack only one piece, long sleeved….It should be available by months end.sleeps sac 003 I’m pleased with the progress so far.  Its sizing out correctly for a newborn to 3 months.  I only hope the other sizes knit up as well.  I’ll be looking for testers so be sure and e mail if you have a little one that this would fit!

I’m happy to say I’m running ahead of schedule for customs so I’ll have a few spots open for next month.

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