Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flufffy Mail & WIP!

I LOVE my UPS Man! He brings all types of wooly goodness!

This is part of yesterdays shipment, my 3rd so far this month.

I have to make him cookies or something as I grab my boxes and run with barely a “ Have a good day” or thank you.  I just want to peek in the boxes and pet the colors. A cool crisp rainbow of yarnie goodness!  I have a notebook full of plans for summer shorties and fall longies.  A few tunics and dresses planned as well.

reno & garden 041 

Since I’m a bit ahead of schedule for customs, I’m catching up on a few things to stock in the Katidids Etsy Shop

A short sleeve Shrug in Mixed Berries to coordinate with the

 Mixed Berries ShortiesSleep gown & wip 005

Small Shorties in my “Oh Baby!” colorwaySleep gown & wip 004

and still working in between everything else on the sleep gown prototype.                

As you can see the main body is done I need only to add the sleeves and finish the neck…..and possibly a touch of embellishment.

 Sleep gown & wip 003

And progress on my studio is coming along!  We’ve been planning this for so long and now that its real I’m just so excited!

I’ve sketched the interior over and over and just can’t decide how I want it. There’s a bit of time yet to decide but at least all my yarn will be contained in one room…..I think! 


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