Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WIP’s Updates & Previews are going up!

Stocking again this week with Little Trunks Knits & previews are going up!

Jen has 2 new colorways availiable & they are stunning!

I have “Allison's Garden”


On order!


Convertible overalls are nearly done.

Another row of bum ruffles, straps and then the legs. 

The custom Tessa Ann Buttons arrived and are waiting to be attached

WIP'S 007

The bodice for the big girl “Butterfly Dress” is done!  Now it’s on to the waist band and skirt!

WIP'S 010

Off to get listings up!


  1. Allison's Garden is a gorgeous colourway!

    Love the ruffles on the overalls >.<

  2. Allison's Garden looks awesome! The bibs are looking great. I have to say, I adore the ruffles!! :)