Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finishing Friday! Button, Buttons, Buttons

What is it about finishing things!  I seem to have a block when it comes to adding those last ties or buttons that complete an outfit. I’ll knit all day but sew a button on? BLAH!!!!

  I’ve been sorting and reorganizing all my wool and have found quite a few items that just needed a few little details such as buttons….

A Small Bayside Britches in a Rainbow Marl, trimmed in red with blue buttons

new stuff 052

Rainbow Dress, accent buttons and ribbon added

new stuff 051

Bitty Bump Boy sweater in Blues…Poor thing just needed…..Buttons!

I love these sweaters.  I didn’t have bulky boy”ish” colors so It was knit with 3 strands of worsted

I did alter the pattern a bit & made the sleeves 2 inches or so longer. I also lengthened the body.

BoY bump 420

As you can see the sleeves are now long enough to extend its use thru fall to a light winter or, fold up and cuff as I have one sleeve. I had just enough left to make a little hat to coordinate.  It’s a fun little sweater that makes a perfect gift and tuck right in a diaper bag..

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