Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bayside Britches & Sleep Sacks & Thank You Knits!

First of all, A quick knit For Compost Boy who was a major help during recovery.  He was my fetch & carry kid.  He was also the tattle tale if I was doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing.  So as a bribe to keep him quiet thank you for all his help, a pair of mitts for small hands.  mptts 010

I think they were a hit as he sang me a song about how much he loves his mitts!Fall sleep sack 013Another Bayside britches completed.Kallies Britches 005

Sold before it was completed!  Tessa Ann Buttons completed the outfitFall sleep sack 012

A Sleep sack with matching hat set.  I love how easy these are to use.  I think it lasted 2 days in the Etsy shop

Right now I have another bayside britches on the needles, this one boyish.  Nice earth tones and mossy greens.  I should have it completed tonight. 

I’m also working on longies, small boys & small girls.

I do have a few open spots left this month for customs

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