Friday, July 30, 2010

On the Needles Bayside Britches & custom Longies!

One nice thing about having to slow down a bit, it gives me time for some play knitting 

The bad thing about it…it gives me time for play knitting!   A bit of a double edged sword……I just counted up and I have 14 items for stock on the needles.  Shorties, skirties, longies, overalls, sweaters & booties.  We won’t talk about what I have piled for buttons and those last ends simply waiting to be tucked in.

I’ve picked up quite a few new pattern licenses this past month and keep hopping from one to another excited to try them out with various yarns and colors combinations.  Time to put on my big girl panties and get some completed!.

Right now I’m working on a new pattern “Bayside Britches” from Little Trunks on Hyena cart.

Now a new favorite pattern, I know you’ll be seeing more of these!

I’m rummaging thru my TessaAnn Buttons to see what I have to match.

These should be in the shop this weekend!

I’m using a new to me dyer Happy Hands in “Juicy Melon” A nice DK weight

bayside 007 I love her color repeats and will be purchasing again!

Just off the needles  Custom Longies, they are surprise gift so I won’t say who they go to but

YYMN Custom 004 Knit on Cestari a YYMN in the colorway “Puppy Dog Tails” from

“Once in a blue Moon Baby” a fellow Etsian.

These are unblocked fresh off the needles.

I’ll be working on a Kenna Button top and longie set next

More updates soon!


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  1. I love that Bayside Britches pattern, just bought it to hopefully have a play with over the summer :-)