Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Upcoming Stocking Wool Shorties & Molly Bubble Babydoll Dress

A bit of pool knitting this weekend.  Our A/c was out in 90+ temps and I about lived in the pool.  Just in case anything got wet I did not knit customs over the weekend

Items I’ll be listing in the shop tonight are…

Cestari Shorties in another of my colorways.  This time “boyish” gender neutral gray, white, copper and olive/wheat. Cestari reminds me of Peace fleece for durability and the way it blooms & softens with each laundering.  An awesome yarn for toddlers for its absorbency.

wkend knitting 003

Next up is a modification of the Molly Bubble romper knit to a Dress.   I used a super soft and light weight cotton for this summer dress.

wkend knitting 010  

Another Tikki Rainbow dress is on the needles.  I’m using acrylics for this one as I’ve had so many ask for “other than wool

wkend knitting 018

A mix of purples and teals.  I really like how the colors are working up.

Now that we have A/C again it’s back to customs!

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