Thursday, May 31, 2012

Custom Arabella

I’m still working on the Arabella.  I know I’m going to love it when it’s done.  Right now?  Not so much.  Started out with just under 150 stitches cast on. Now that I’m on the ruffle we’re talking over 500 stitches in one row. 


arabella 001

Today Isaiah passed 1st grade on the “A” Honor roll….He may be passing 2nd Grade before I’m done with the next row.

I liked this before I started. I just wish I hadn’t done a stitch count.

No more whining

Off to knit


1 comment:

  1. It's looking lovely but eep at that number of stitches. I try very hard not to work out how many stitches I have on long rows like that!

    Maybe you should reward yourself with making something nice for you when it's done?