Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eloise Onsie, fresh off the needles


I’ve had this pattern in my knitting queue for quite a while & have just now gotten to it.  Wish I’d found the time sooner.

Eloise Onsie, a fairly new pattern by Claire Gentry

The pattern as written is a sweet onsie  with a mock gathered neck & capped sleeves.  I added a skirt…just because.  I’ve another lined up as I think it will be so versatile for any baby’s wardrobe

Photos are fresh off the needles and unblocked

Eloise Onsie 003

I added a skirt…just because.

Accent buttons from Ayarina’s Button shop on Etsy

Eloise Onsie 002

And there is nothing to brighten your day like FLUFFY MAIL!!!

Teal soaker & fluffy mail 004

Finished the other day is a medium teal soaker

Hmmm, looks blue here

Teal soaker & fluffy mail 003

The wide legged board shorts are almost to the gusset.  I’ve been playing around with the leg fullness…photos up soon

Have a great day


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