Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Storm Inspired Solar Play!

The horrible storms which hit the east coast this past weekend sparked a few memories. Although we were not effected at all it, like many others it made me think of other storms we’ve experienced.  Like this one 10 days before Erika & Chris’s Party…that was “fun”.  Another was years ago & I wish I could find the photo’s.  I lived in near the beach in Spain and a huge storm front came through.  We didn’t have TV (and at the time, wouldn’t have understood any way) but, a few miles away there was a movie being made.  They were using an actual 17th century ship for the filming…..and it got caught in the storm and ended up on the rocks about 200  yds off shore.  Just being pounded by waves the next morning. 

Any ways, where this is leading to is the dye pots!

I didn’t have time to break out the dye pots and wanted some smallish skeins for winter cowls….so I used baggies and had a bit of “Solar Dying” with Irene and other storm memories as inspiration

Looks like a hot mess!

   shower tile! 003

Solar Dying 003

Storm Warning

Solar Dying 006

Sittin on the Dock

Solar Dying 004

Sailors Warning

Remember the old ditty, “Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight! Red Sky at Morning, Sailors Take Warning…”  My “reds” are a bit to the copper side

Solar Dying 005

After the Storm

Solar Dying 008

Now to get them knit up and in the Etsy Shop!