Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Mama Updates

Progress photos for Mama’s of custom knits

YYMN Custom using Lickety Stitch BBR

Bella Rose All-in-Onsie

Shown unblocked & I’m waiting the arrival of buttons from Ayarina to finish

Bella Onsie & longies working 002

Again using the Bella Rose, longies.

I’m grafting the gusset now and hope to have them done tomorrow

Bella Onsie & longies working 003

We finally have a break in the heat!

The temps are beautiful this morning & that means a much needed/overdue trip to the garden. The tomato plants are seriously out of control & heavy with red ripe juicy fruit.  I see canning batches of tomato sauce, salsa and chili base in my VERY near future!


School has started across most areas here in the U.S. so drivers,




  1. love the onesie! so cute! i wish it was cooling down here! we are still over 100 degrees, everyday for a month! my woolies have saved the baby's bum!

  2. What I wouldn't give for some sun and warmth. It has been so cool and rainy here! My tomatoes are so tiny and green, they seem to be in shock that I've left them outside ;)