Monday, January 24, 2011

More Stash photos

Pure Wool

 @stassh 001 @stassh 002

@stassh 006@stassh 013

Little Trunks Knits 

@stassh 004

Moon Light and Laughter

@stassh 003    @stassh 015  @stassh 009@stassh 007@stassh 005

A few of the solids…I have 6 bins of solid, just name a color!

 @stassh 018@stassh 010 @stassh 011 @stassh 012 

  @stassh 016

Part of new shipments and some of what is left to photo.  More Mosaic Moon, WW,…. Enough scraps for 3-4 pair of longies or skirties.  

I have 2 custom spots for February and 3 for March left. 

I’ve have been stocking the Etsy shop this week and will be stocking with

Little Trunks Knits Hyena cart on Thursday the 27th. Be sure to stop by as I know Jen will be stocking some of her yummy colorways! 

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