Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Sweet Stuff on the Needles

More “Sweet Stuff” on the needles

Again using a Valley Yarns solid for the bodice and Purewool as the contrast. 

It’s much further along this morning, the legs are done & I’m working on the button closure with only the sleeves left to finish.

2nd sweet stuff 015 I’m hoping to have enough for a matching hat & possibly booties

I need to run out this afternoon and try to find flat buttons and ribbon to match.

Amy’s MM shorties are nearly done & I should have photo’s up tomorrow/

The green & blue longies are completed and have a matching sweater….. just waiting for a button to be sewn on.

I’m excited and looking forward to another guest stocking with Little Trunks Knits at months end and have projects in mind for that.  Possibly a boy”ish” romper and a few sets. 

Be sure to friend me “KatididsKnits” on Facebook to see review photos & in the next few weeks coupon codes!

Stay warm out there!

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