Monday, January 17, 2011

Something Beautiful In the Shop


A “Something Beautiful Shrug” listed in the shop today. 

A pink”ish” coral 19 inch chest to fit a average 9-12 month old.  After numerous requests, this one is washable.  Coral Shrug 003

Accented with a Tessa Ann ButtonCoral Shrug 007 

Amy’s custom shorties!  YUMMY Mosaic Moon yarn again! Ready for the lanolin bath and then the mailamys & green nb set 008

Newborn/small Longies set.  Knit with super soft 100 Purewoolamys & green nb set 012

Perfect for tender newborn skin. I’m plan to have a green kimono jacket (trimmed in the main colorway) to list separately in the next few days.

2 girly rompers on the table in front of me still waiting (2 days) for buttons….. which I’ll do tonight.

I will not knit till the buttons are on, I will not knit till the buttons are on i will not knit till the buttons are on iwillnotknittillthebuttonsareon…..riiiiiight

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  1. All so very cute:) I am always amazed at our similar taste in patterns:)