Sunday, January 23, 2011

Have You Seen My Battery Charger

No? Well me either!

I was taking photo’s of stash yarn  (yes I finally dug it all out!) and right as I got started my battery died. 

I had it with me in Calif. and know I had it when I got home.  I know I put it up in a safe place…….

Well, I’ll show you the photo’s I did take before the red light started flashing

A few finished knits

Small’s to be listed with Little Trunks Knits on Hyena cart next week

Ian Romper 013 

Extra Large Longies I listed tonight in the Etsy shop

 Pink Peep 002

Also listed tonight in the Etsy Shop is a Sweet Valentine Peep sweater.  I love the design of these. Dress it up or   Split on the sides and secured with a ribbon to let the sweater flow front and back. Enough to keep a little one warm but not over heated.

Besides, if for no other reason than they are just so darn cute!

 Pink Peep 010 I have this sweater in teal, chocolate, gray, lilac & berry in the works with other colors waiting.

I didn’t get ery far with the stash photos but, here it is so far…


3 ply

Pink Peep 013

Single Ply

Pink Peep 015

Stitches Under the SunPink Peep 014

There are 3 laundry baskets of yarn waiting for photos…and I’ll start posting them this week……as soon as I find the charger




I saw where she put it….

Ian Romper 016

& I can be bribed with a carrot, grape…cherries, I’ll do any thing for cherries


Pretty Boy!

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