Thursday, June 3, 2010

Knits are in the Mail!

Creek Side Shorties. 

One of my G/N color way's,  Soft ruffles added for a bit of a girly touch but,

Teal & brown 007

  If the next child is a boy the ruffles can be re knit to standard cuffs

The Wool Soaker Sleep Gown I have been playing with for a while is done!

I’ve redone the neck and am happy with the results. 

Sleep Gowwn COmpleted 005

The opening looks large but, has ribbing that draws it closed with out being tight about the neck

I’ve a few more in the works.  One is in a soft blue the other a light green.

These are a super soft mid weight wool, to be lanolized and used as a soaker. 

The bottom is ribbed as a sleep sack allowing easy access for those night time diaper changes!

I just listed a pair of Large Longies

Addition & Gray Pearl 036

The wool is Hand-dyed by fellow Etsian libertyfibers in the colorway Gray Pearl.

She has some wonderful color ways be sure and stop in! 

This is a great blend of blues, grays, a touch of taupe/brown & cream. Suitable for boys or girls.

Just completed is a Custom Tunic For Kale.

Pink trimmed in chocolate 

Partial Stash 022

So I’m finishing chocolate shorties with pink trim to coordinate.

I should have these completed tonight and in the mail on Saturday.

Tomorrow I hope to list this tunic

I’ve had a few Mama’s ask for colors “other than pink”  & I think this fits the bill. 

Girly but not pink. 

Partial Stash 004

I can’t decide if I’m going to add shorties or a little soaker…possibly a soaker as its 3-6 mo size. What do you think?

Off to knit!

Oh, and to take photos of my Mosaic Moon order I just received!

Love that UPS man!

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