Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Legend of a Cowgirl’s in the mail!

And I think it turned out really cute!  Using “Legend of a Cowgirl” on licorice twist from  Pinkbody this YYMN was a fun knit. I honestly wasn’t to sure about the licorice twist shading when I first saw it but, knit up it gives wonderful color shading you just don’t get with a solid yarn

I can’t wait to see photos of Gabby in this outfit

Legend of a Cowgirl 006


I was in a pink mood and LOVE the Elizabeth Tunic pattern so, using a solid cascade and a colorway of mine came up with the “Pink Pansies Set”.Legend of a Cowgirl 01112 Month Tunic & Large Longies will be listed this evening in the shop.

About this time I hit a “PINK”overload & grabbed a “other than PINK” colorway.  This one is called “Ocean” from Ewe and me yarns a fellow Etsian. (Great customer service & FAST shipping by the way.)  Aqua to teal with touches of sea foam green, perfect colors for a “Reid Romper”  from Blissful Knits.

I started it last night and stopped just past the arms.

Legend of a Cowgirl 009But, it got me into trouble as I started back on it first thing this morning (before I was dressed). I got sucked into watching it develop & was still knitting, …….. in my rattiest robe, funky brown slippers, bed hair and pillow creased face when the RPS man knocked on my door this morning at 9:30.  Unfortunately, where I was sitting he knew I was up so I couldn’t not answer the door.  I was pretty embarrassed but it was even worse when I realized I KNEW the guy!  He laughed as I turned 80 shades of mortified dig a hole in the ground & hide red!

But, that is exactly what happens when I knit, I get sucked into watching a garment come to life. The colors flow and the stitches slide faster and faster as the garment grows.  **Sigh** I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Other than to be dressed when there is a knock on the door!

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  1. I will get so sucked in that I look at my clock and it is noon and here I still set. Know exactly what you are talking about:)