Monday, November 29, 2010

Completed and Claimed Longies!

Well, these didn’t last long! 

I think they were listed for just a few hours and were claimed for purchase on Friday!  Peace Fleece Stripes 002 Looks like I need to dig out more of my Peace Fleece!

Before thanksgiving I’d decided I needed a few days break from knitting…..

The divot in my thumb nail?  From rubbing on the knitting needle!

Night Before Christmas & Cowgirl 711

They needed cut any way!

In the next day or so I’ll list Decembers fiber choices.

Let me know if there is anything your looking for.

Off to update the customs list.

Facebook fans, there is till a few hours left of the cyber Monday coupon for the Etsy shop !

Not a fan?  You can find me under


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