Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thank You For A Great Sale!

I have a ton of orders to ship today and quite a few customs to complete.

Thank you again for a wonderful Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale!

On the needles now are large longies with a custom dye from a fellow Etsian Moonlight & Laughter 

Reeds 002

It’s a nice gender neutral colorway, browns, teals & greens with a faint touch of yellow. 

These have a 19 inch rise and a 22-23 inch hip with a planned 10-11 inseam but that can be easily customized if they are claimed. 

  I have a few orders to complete first but, one of my next projects will be the new Fiona Dress or Romper from Sweet Monkey Baby.  Can you say cute! Soooo many options it will be hard to decide which to start first!

Who am I kidding I’ll end up with 2-3 working at once. So go ahead & be an enabler, let me know which you would like to see first.

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  1. Just looked up the Fiona Dress pattern, sooo cute! If Bump is a girl I'm definitely knitting that up.