Saturday, November 13, 2010

It’s Been a week of catching up

All the back logged knitting so I have a few customs in the mail

For Nicole, a pair of longies to match the Elizabeth Tunic and  shorties she had made this summer. 

Night Before Christmas & Cowgirl 708

I knew she intended on ordering longies for winter made so, I saved the leftover colorway to tie it all together.

  Nice way to extend the use of an outfit Nicole!

Solid green longies to coordinate with the Crushed Daffodils Elizabeth Tunic for….another Nicole!

  Stripes and Green 013I thought I was out of it but i found a tiny bit of the coordinating colorway, Enough for a drawstring at least so I’ll make it and send it along.

Congrats on your impending birth! 

Trying to find another set of needles to replace those I left on the bus, I started rooting around in one of my projects bins and found these longies started.  We all have them, projects we start and then set aside for one reason or another.  I have quite a few I work on between customs but, these are a pair I forgot all about.

I can’t tell you when I started them but based on the other items I would say last winter!

Stripes and Green 016

I’ll be selling them in the Etsy Shop as seconds, due to a flaw in the black stripe… which I didn’t see until I cast off.

Working customs…

Using “Legend of a Cowgirl" on the needles now is a Elizabeth Tunic and longies for baby Gabby.  Night Before Christmas & Cowgirl 709

I love this colorway and can’t wait to see it completed. 

With Tessa Ann buttons of course!

I’ve a other projects in the works including a few holiday knits so start tuned!


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