Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Custom Shorties

2 pair of shorties for a lucky little man &, I have to say I had a blast working with this Mama.   It’s nice when your customers become friends.

First up “Mr Roboto” by Dear Husband on BBR

Liam trim 044

It was fun watching these shorties take shape.  I have an extra skein of this colorway that may become Bayside Britches Short-alls if not claimed soon for a custom.

Next up was “Liam” by Lollytree  Yarn on BBR

 Liam Completed 002

Both were YYMN (your yarn my needles).  Liam was marked as a second but, I have to say I was very impressed with the integrity of this dyer.  There is a tiny & I mean TINY overlap of brown to the green. If she had not said it was a second, I would have thought it was just part of the colorway! 

These shortiesare on the way to Florida where I’m sure it’s MUCH warmer!

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  1. Katie--you are the sweetest WAHM! You know I will come back to ya again!! These are so perfect.

    THANKS a bunch!
    and YES it is much, MUCH warmer here...