Saturday, February 26, 2011

WIP…Bayside Britches & Face in the Color-way

Progress is being made on the “October Morning” Bayside BritchesBay Side mm 001 Actually I’m further than planned this morning.  I sat down with my morning coffee and was looking over progress made last night……and the colors just sucked me in.  Then the soft silkiness of the BFL made it difficult to put down. 

Often working with a colorway, I can see a babe wearing it…a cherub face with ribbons or curls.. a rosebud mouth blowing bubbles..or a silly smile with a pile of Lego's  

With October Morning, I see…a mischievous grin that means trouble of some sort..jumping in mud puddles, poking a stick in the waters of the creek…..and band-aids! 

Although this pair is a 9 month size, I think Mama will be seeing signs of that little man already!

So tell me, do you see faces in color-ways?

Or, am I more than a just a little bit” crazy!

Have a great weekend!

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