Thursday, February 24, 2011

Skirty Listing at Katidids Tonight & WIP Update!

  More cruddy photo’s.  I can’t seen to get my lighting right for correct colors.  Tomorrow if its not raining I’ll try for better. 

But in the mean time….to be listed in the Katidids Etsy shop tonight

“Violet Park” Skirty, Using the Little Trunks Knits Super Trim SoakerVP Skirty 007  These shades look more blue”ish” but is actually a deep lavender soaker.  The skirty is a blend of purple, lavender and orchid with every shade between cream to chocolateVP Skirty 006

One of the current WIP’s

Bayside Britches  shorties for Steph

Another Little Trunks Knits Pattern!Adobe & denim 001

This colorway is one I played with last year,

“Denim & Adobe”

Just a quick progress photo & if everything goes as planned I’ll have it completed tonight.

Lets hope the projected tornado and 70mh winds pass us by!

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