Sunday, October 17, 2010

Custom Longies & Ruffle Mania!

  This was my first time using a Sugarbubbie colorway & it won’t be the last!  

  The short color repeats in “Treasure” Knit up beautifully!

   Treasure & MO 006

Mosaic Moon. ….surprise, surprise, right?

This time its “Malayan Orchid” A custom knit for the Marvelous Miss Maddie

a girly girl who loves her ruffles.

Treasure & MO 008

On the needles now are medium “Grass Lizard” Longies

 Treasure & MO 013

This I think is the 3rd colorway I dyed. 

I’ve started this pair numerous times and for one reason or another never finished them. 

This time I just have a few inches to complete the legs.


The other day I was updating the customs list and I wiped it out.

I’ve looked through all my notes and I think I have everyone. If I’ve left you off, Please let me know!

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