Friday, March 25, 2011

Etsy Stocking!

While I’m waiting for yarn shipments for customs I have a bit of time to knit for the shop! And it’s about time right?

A few things listed to the Katidids shop this week.A fun ruffled skirty in blues, pinks & teals.  Woodsman Shorties & Skirty 005

Small Woodsman shorties in “Purewool” Woodsman Shorties & Skirty 003

My camera settings are off and I’m trying to fix it but, The skirty is not quite as day-glow as it appears, it is a bright and cheery garment.  The shorties are a deeper green than they appear also! Once I figure out the problem I’ll retake these photo’s!

For FB friends of KatididsKnits watch for a weekend deal!

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