Thursday, March 10, 2011

Overalls, Overalls & MORE Overalls!

First Up!

Custom Scrappy Bayside Britches with a modified bib.  Toddler size soon to be on the way to a happy Mama. 

Happy Me also!  I was able to clear out a TON of scraps…..nearly all I thought until I found another bag stashed.  But, that’s ok, this fall I’ll add length to the legs if the Mama chooses.


Next up, Keiki Overalls test knit using Stitches Under the Sun colorway “Watercolors” on BFL. Tessa Ann buttons as accent.                                                                         This was such a fun pattern and I LOVE the way these are made.  The straps are double for a nice sturdy strap, there are hip button to adjust for chunky monkey’s.  Just the true denim overall feel! OVERALLS 001

Boy”ish” Bayside Britches this time using Mosaic Moon’s “October Morning” .yet again on BFL and more Tessa Ann buttons.  A rich chocolate this time. All of these and the Mosaic Moon “Spring Basket” Kieki Overalls will be stocked on Hyena cart with Little Trunks Knits next weekOVERALLS 006And a lesson learned,

The hard way!

I don’t think I’ll ever again forget the final rinse when dying wool.

I loved these!

I nearly cried when I pulled them out of the lanolin bath.  I’d forgotten they were soaking (I won’t tell you how long)

The purple ran. If I’d noticed it right away I could have rinsed them out but…they soaked to long and the dye is set.

So, If anyone wants a good deal on “knock around the house”  modified Bayside britches with button legs, let me know!

I’ll make you a good deal!

Dye Run 001 Dye Run 002

Dye Run 003

I even have buttons to sew on…I may cry while I do it but, It’s a mistake I won’t make again!

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