Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crazy Busy Week

Its been crazy but productive week. 

Finished knits are stacking up waiting for drying room. 2 test knits completed (photos to come soon) the boyish Bayside’s and modified girly Bayside short-alls…also a scrappy pair of short-alls. Oh, and a pair of large shorties…

overallscrappies 003

I completed the knitting portion of the scrappies last night and am busy weaving in a bazillion and one ends. A couple of primary color TessaAnn Buttons and they will be ready for a lanolin bath and blocking.

And a test knit for Melissa of DaKine Knits.  A wonderful new design called “Keika Overalls”. 

I know at first I honestly though,” another overall pattern!” .  But, I think this design is so cute it will be a major hit!   Melissa has added creative touches to her design that will make it super popular but,  you have to wait for blocking to see the finished product or…. you can go here for a sneak peek!

Keiki Tester 007Between this pattern and the Bayside Britches, I doubt I’ll need another overall pattern!

Yup, that’s it!

This is all the pic’s there are until I have items blocked and buttons sewn on.

I’ve been seriously slacking in the “finishing” department and am working on that today.

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