Friday, January 18, 2013

Organizing My Patterns

My patterns are/were out of control.

When I moved my yarn and fabric into the studio I had everything neat and organized.  Everything but the patterns that is.  Finally able to have a dedicated space, as I gathered them up from various spots about the house I stacked them on the shelves….and as the pile got bigger ….the less I wanted to dive into this mess.


Then through the early fall & holidays I had a case of frenzied knitting for gifts and customers…..and printed more patterns. 


And there were even more designs I knew I didn’t have time to make then but, didn’t want to forget about.   Needless to say I’ve been finding patterns all over….. in the kitchen, in folders in the studio….


I had a major mess.

I spent yesterday alternating between knitting and sorting patterns. I admit it was a all day project and a bit over whelming.  At one point my entire dining room was covered in paper piles, kids hats, sweaters, mittens socks etc.…then the same for adults. But by the end of the day all were sorted in to categories and nearly half into notebooks


3 notebooks down and 4 to go


The remaining piles are sorted so it should be quick work to get them in notebooks

Any patterns I pitched were shredded and added to the compost bin & the folders were some I’d already had.

From here on out I shouldn’t have a problem keeping them organized.

How do you keep your patterns sorted?


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  1. Same as you, in binders. In plastic sleeves. If I am traveling, I can take the pattern and sleeve out of the binder and take it with me. I also keep my needles in binders. In pencil pockets that I have labeled needle sizes on each pocket.