Monday, January 14, 2013

Fresh Listings For Waldorf Babies

My brother in law had a few dental appointments last week involving oral surgery….needless to say he couldn’t drive so I was his ride.  While sitting in the waiting room people watching/waiting I knit.  I’ve a few customs in progress but, I don’t like taking others yarn out and about…so I grabbed some stash yarn to play a bit.

Using the last of the Gradient color way from “Little Monkey Stitch N Spin”

& patterns from Ashely Darling…

The Darling Little Romper….shorts or swim suit version for a 10-12 inch doll


The Darling Little Sweater Dress for a 10-12 inch doll


And a modified 3 Tiered skirt and scarf or kerchief also for a 10-12 inch doll.IMG_1852


A few customs nearly ready….

Finishing up a couple of custom rompers

These are designed to fit a 16 inch “Vine Baby”

Rough unblocked progress photos for the Mama

I need to work on the eyes for this one.  I tried to set them so you could change the expression but it turned out a bit creepy to me


The tiger is still waiting for his face.  Trying to decide what I want to do here


A sweater who’s hood should be finished this evening.

  I’m using “Fleur” from Blissful Knits and it’s a dream to work with.


More progress photos should be up tomorrow.


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