Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sweet Vintage Sweet

Another sweet pattern from DaKine Knits. If you’ve not knit one you are missing out. Super fun and a quick knit.  Since our leaves have turned and the frost has been showing early mornings I thought stocking a few warm hats to the Etsy Shop would be a good idea.

Here are a few I recently added


A few Poppy Hats were added as well


And a couple of custom hats that have shipped


And I’ve yet to list…about 5 more. 

As always they are waiting for photos.

Summer saw us super busy with family & the garden so posting’s were far and few between. I still knit off and on so there are numerous items to list yet. Longies are being stocked weekly, doll clothes are piled waiting for….you guessed it photos!

The next few days I’ll have posts of recently listed longies and doll clothes.

I’m back open for customs! 

I have a few in progress (oh,I need to up-date the customs page!) and will have plenty of time for a few Christmas knits as well.

Welcome Fall!

Stay warm out there!


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