Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Fresh New Year

Awaits us!

My knitting and quilting baskets are full to overflowing!

2013 was a wonderful year and I’ve many fun & fantastic customers to thank for that.  I ended the year with a few secret surprise custom knits. 

One such knit was this set


The Mama was kind enough to send me photo’s of her happy little girl


Each attempt to enlarge them makes then very distorted…but I think her smile says enough!

The second set, longies, dress and sweater


There are about 20 projects I’ve already lined up to work on between customs & I’m eager to start.

I’ve Dollverall’s waiting for buttons, doll dresses blocking  and a test knit that needs photo’s taken .I should have photo’s taken and listings up tomorrow.

Today I’m casting on a custom All in One Sweater & a simple cowl.  The snow is blowing & knitting…it should keep my fingers nice and warm.

Hope this new year brings you Peace and Goodness


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