Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Knitting, Knitting & More Knitting!

Not much to show but there has been knitting…a LOT of knitting!

I’ve finished extending a Butterfly dress and it’s blocking now.

Another Butterfly Dress size 6-10 is (still) on the needles.

007 I was ready to start the lace the other night and realized I had an error about 4-5 inches back…can you say sick?  UGH!  It was a visible error that had to be corrected. 

One benefit of the larger size skirt is mindless knitting.  You don’t have to focus on any detail patterning, your thoughts can wander, dream & plan. 

009One draw back is it’s plain mindless knitting…14 inches for the skirt before the lace.  While knitting away with a semi solid it’s been difficult to see the progress. Very discouraging.  Never ending.I thought  Evelyn & Isaiah would be in collage before I saw the skirting completed or, so it seemed!  I’ve started placing a simple marker when I stop & start & its made a world of difference!  I’ve about 1 inch to start the lace…the light at the end of the tunnel!


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