Thursday, October 27, 2011

I do not have a wool problem, I do not have a wool problem, I do not….


If I say it often enough will it make it real?

It may be a good thing I’ve yet to purchase cabinets!  Squeezing the wool in is becoming a tad bit of an ordeal.  I’ve found color-way’s I thought I’d used & others I forgot I’d purchased. 

Busting out of the bins, I’m now on a self imposed wool diet. (not including wool on order or, ongoing co-ops)

So far the solids I’ve gathered.

Studio 003

and the bins of color-ways

Studio 001Studio 002

The only thing that’s made it into the closet so far are the dyes and stamps.

Studio 004

I’m about half way done clearing what was the living room. I still have all the YYMN custom wool, scrap bags, fiber, needles & un-dyed wool to sort.  Tomorrow.  It is nice to have it all in one space for once and I’m feeling like a kid in a candy store.

Needless to say,  look for a few MYMN in the near future!



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  1. *like*

    I'd be tempted to roll in that amount of yarn! Mmm yarn....