Friday, October 7, 2011

Warning for other knitters, there is a snake in the wool pile!

For-warning to other knitters

On the 3rd of September these items were purchased through my Katidids Etsy shop. The “Customer” purchased with a check….which took nearly 2 weeks to arrive. That should have been my first forewarning but, I generally don’t mind holding items for people as everyone is on a budget right?

I deposited the check, waited for the ok from my bank & shipped the items on the 14th.  

Well, on the 20th I received notice the check bounced, What It cleared!! It seems her bank debits checks in the check # order so even if it cleared for me now if later in the day another came through with a lower number it can cause a check to be returned if there are not enough funds!  WHAT?? They pulled the fund back from my bank!  GAHHHH.  AND charged me $10.

OK, stuff happens right?  No matter how careful you are it can happen…so that was my attitude when I contacted her.  Needless to say there have been numerous messages back and forth and she's lied saying a money order was sent, she has to check with her husband, checking again for the date mailed & on and on.  Meanwhile, I’ve called her bank nearly daily checking for available funds.  Very nice people there that nearly choke with laughter when they look at her account.

So, If you see these garments for sale or resale, please know they were basically stolen.il_570xN_230640308il_570xN_241807429il_570xN_250742339il_fullxfull_250073294

I’ve contacted the Pittsburg Pa police department and fraud charges are pending.  (They were very pleased when I was able to provide them with her name and address) I know for a fact she has attempted this with another knitter so, please pass this warning along to those you know knit for a living and feel free to post a link on cloth diaper boards !

If any knitters would like her name, please feel free to contact me.

Needless to say after naïvely doing this for 4 years, I no longer take checks. 

I wasn’t going to post anything about this but, after watching her feedback plummet & hearing from the other knitter, I couldn’t not warn others!

I wonder how people like her sleep at night


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  1. That's horrible!I hope you are able to get your money! And lesson learned for me about checks (even eChecks make me nervous)