Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New spaces new places

My new work room is ready!

A nice large shelved closet for some of my fabrics and a safe place to store dyes and small items from little fingers.

I’ve yet to find counters and cabinets I like but, I’ll be able to consolidate all the wool to one room (umm yes, just the wool)..  I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am & I know the hubby will be to have the living-room reclaimed.

Large windows for plenty of sunlight, even on dreary winter days

I’ll pick up a couple of folding tables as a temporary sewing counters for the sewing machines and sergers,  A nice generous cutting table is being custom built by my wonderful & talented husband.

I have an idea of what I would like for cabinets and counters but plan to use the space for a bit to see what would actually work best for me.   Besides, I need to knit some of this stash down to have room for those counters and cabinets!

Now to tackle the rest of the wool, wish me luck!


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  1. How can you make a post like this and not include pics!!

    Very jealous, enjoy your new work room :-)