Friday, February 17, 2012

First’s in the mail

One of my knitting goals for the year is to learn to play with cables.  Get over the irrational fear of cables and learn to actually play with them….Well, the fear is gone and the play has begun.  I’ve been doodling a few ideas and hope to cast on soon.

I know I’m not the only one who gets to cozy in a comfort zone and is afraid to stretch.  I’ve been trying to figure out where it comes from & think at one point I was overwhelmed with needed items and didn’t have the time for errors or mistakes.  Now I’ve more free time & have goals to make myself stretch…..step even further out of that comfort zone.  Care to join me?

Another knitting goal was to knit Gloves. 

As in, gloves with fingers, not mitts or mittens but actual finger cozy gloves.  Then I had a customer ask me to knit gloves for her husband. GAH!! I wasn’t ready..but it was just the push I needed.

I’d played with a couple of patterns and 3/4 of the way through frogged them both. They just didn’t make since.  The construction was wonky for lack of a better term.  After they sat for a day or so I looked through Ravelry again and found Ken, don’t tell my husband but…..we had a love affair.

Ken by Berroco Design Team

YYMN Custom knit using Berroco “Campus” to coordinate with The Manly Hat


Very well written pattern,  easy to follow with the details written well enough for a novice and sized perfectly for a mans hands. This is one pattern I know will stay in my knitting  arsenal and will be making many more.  One thing I would change for ladies use is a worsted weight.  The Campus is a bit of a thick~in~thin which  made for a fuller palm so a few stitches would possibly be decreased or omitted or if you were knitting for a smaller hand.


And a pair of Bella’s Mitts

A YYMN using Manos del Uruguay Maxima.  Since this is a worsted weight I added an additional 4 stitches, 2 in the palm and one on either side of the cable to enlarge the size

WIPS 003

So soft and squishy I know the Mama will love them

Longies on the needles and summer knits are in the works.  If there is a size or color your looking for be sure and give me a shout out.

Stay warm out there!



  1. Love the mitts, that pattern's been in my queue ever since you posted about it :-)

    Gloves look great!

    I'm on a bit of a cables-kick at the minute too, although at the moment I'm knitting the lace bottom of Ridinghood. Not really loving lace I think although I'll reserve judgement for when it's finished and blocked. I find cables more fun, probably cos they're easier to knit with children around!

  2. WooHoooo! How excited am I? I just found you over at mine . . . I was talking about getting back to knitting a couple of days ago . . . I used to love it and will love it again :-)

    Real pleased we collided . . . I had agreed with myself (a rarity) to not "follow" any more blogs as I spend so much time catching up that I'm too tired to post some nights . . but . . . This has to be an exception. Looking forward to checking out some "knits". Thanks.

    1. Buggerlugs, Glad to see you pop in, dive back in that knitting! If you were here in the states I'd send you a goodie bag to get you started. Thanks for "following" and sorry for the delay in responding

  3. Evelyn, The pattern is very well written and you will find them a quick knit..cables are an addiction!