Tuesday, February 28, 2012

WIPs And Another Stocking


On the needles now, a sweet summer shrug

using a bright solid green and trimming in

Green Strings Mountain Meadow

This photo was taken last night and is now much further along.  I’m working on the collar and the sleeves will be next.  Should be completed tonight with possibly a touch of embellishment if there are enough scraps left

Fresh Spring 003

Also on the needles a Something Beautiful Shrug (which I also would like to complete tonight)

It will coordinate with the Capri's shown.  The Capri’s have been my car knitting all winter.  Train delays, school pick up/drop off…they’ve nearly become a permanent fixture in my car.  Time to getrdone!  The cuffs and ruffles will depend on how much of the colorway is left once the shrug is completed.  I’ve no idea what the colorway is actually called, I’ve lost the wrapper so…I call it “Mom’s Iris’” My mom used to grow the most beautiful Iris where ever we lived…they always meant home to me & yes, I have a boatload of Iris growing in my flower beds

Moms Itis set 001

Stocked to the Katidids Etsy shop this morning a couple of Spring/Summer knits…

Small Shorties using 100%Purewool in the colorway red-brown….which is actually shades of lovely pinks & chocolate.

Pri's & shorties 001

Also a pair of SMSS Bloomers without the ribbon eyelets.

A nice summer weight Gaia

Pri's & shorties 002

Both are freshly laundered, lanolized and ready to ship.

Well better get busy

Stay warm out there!


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