Thursday, July 12, 2012

Knitting Repairs

When your little one wears knit longies,  once in a while they will damage a pair.  There are a few I call “picker’s or pullers”. They love the feel of the wool and will constantly rub & pick at it creating a hole or, the pullers.

Now a puller is one who picks at the strands till they work one loose and then just pulls the yarn.  Generally you find the pulls in the thigh or knee area…..cause they get bored at nap time.  It’s a quick and easy repair,  especially when it’s just a pulled strand like this.

repairs (3)

The knitting is pulled super tight so, it’s simply a matter of loosening  the next stitch behind, then the next & working the loose strand back to the first correct stitch.  You will probably need to work it in both directions. If you don’t have knitting needles on hand you can use a toothpick, chop stick or even a bobby pin.

repairs (1)

Here they are repaired and, once laundered the stitches will loose the shape of the prior stitch shape and blend right in. If the garment has started to felt you may never have an invisible repair but, you at least will have a functional garment.

Here is the dreaded snag…or a super ambitious picker!

These longies I did happen to knit and still have a bit of the pink left.

I’ll simply remove both pink cuffs off and reknit them to match.

repairs (2)

Not all repairs are quick or easy.

  If a garment has a hole & I don’t have the colorway I’ll generally weave it closed with a  shade close or, use a color I can decorate and embellish with. 

As I said before, repairs sometimes may not be invisible & perfect but… you will have useable longies!

Here’s hoping you don’t have a “picker or a puller”!


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