Friday, July 27, 2012

Test Knitting and Ravellenic Games 2012

Test knitting…sure wish I’d waited one more day to start this sweater & I could have entered it in the Ravelry Olympic Challenge. 

Excuse me, The Ravellenic.

We are no longer allowed to say RavOlympics.  We’ve renamed our Olympic challenge to Ravellenic which honors all past games and participants.  Entry's may not be cast on until the opening and runs through the Olympic event. 

I have quite a few entries all the 0%er’s listed on the side bar….with a few others yet to be listed.

Being stuck indoors with this horrible high heat this past  week it would have been wonderful to start.  Murphy’s law it will be beautiful through the challenge time and I’ll be able to catch up outside!  But, this afternoon is being spent winding yarn and creating project bags to save myself some time.

  Last Olympic I believe I completed 4-5 items, this time I’m hoping for around 15.  A few will be customs and others I can stock to the shop.

I’ll try to update here and on FB so be sure and follow there also

The test knit….

So far a really sweet sweater

Gilead” from Odalee Fibers. 

Random 002

This is my second test knit for her, the “Little Star” being the first

Star Sweater (1)

Off to skein yarn & find needles



  1. 15 FO's! That's quite a challenge! Good luck! I'm not participating as with the 4 kids at home, a wedding to finish organising and then 3 weeks holiday I'm not going to have a chance lol

    1. Evelyn, I'm sure hoping I can get them done. A few are customs and others will be using stash only.
      Well, gee, I don't understand the problem! From the sounds of it you have soooo much free time! Can't wait to see photos of the wedding and have a wonderful holiday!