Saturday, July 28, 2012

My First Entry & Stash Knitting

For the Ravellenic2012 games..

Using more scrap from the stash bins

longies with a touch of fall. I call these

Apple Cart Longies

Knitting 002

All the crisp and clear colors of fall apples. Just looking at the photo I caught myself taking a deep breath and was a bit surprised when I didn’t smell apples.

I’m hoping to have them completed and ready to stock by Monday. 

One of my goals for the year is to clean out a bunch of scraps and use up at least 2-3 bins of wool.I have to admit I’ve become a bit of a wool stash junkie. When the bins are taking over the room and you can’t get to the sewing machine….it’s time to thin the stash!  No, I won’t be selling any of it, just using it up for stock items & maybe and item or 2for myself.


The Gilead Test knits coming along…maybe not as as fast as I could with the Ravellenic games now on but progressing.  This is a 6 mo size.

Knitting 003

I have the green and brown shades in solid , I need to decide which I’ll use for longies to coordinate and possibly trim the sweater.

Well, it’s a beautiful day and the garden is calling me. Have a wonderful Saturday!



  1. Loving the apple ones, you could do a cute worm embellishment or maybe duplicate stitch some brown yarn to make seeds

    1. I ran out of steam so I'm not sure they will have any extras this time...those are great ideas though!

  2. Brown for the trim is my vote! I'm with you on using up stash yarn! With the yarn I'm keeping I have a little over 3 18 gallon bins of wool and cootin! Eek!

    1. I'm trying to use all stash this year..trying. I'm getting there I've emptied one bin so far 8-D

  3. Love the name of these longies! I just ordered my first pair of hand knit longies from your Etsy. Can't wait for my new baby to wear them this winter! I'll probably be back for a pair for his big brother in the fall ;)

    1. Hi Robin, Thanks for the order. They are on the way to you 8-D. Sure, I'll be happy to knit a larger pair, just let me know when you would like them & color ideas