Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Waldorf Doll Clothes Stocking

Tomorrow I’ll be stocking this set once I have better photos. 

It’s blocking now and I’m hoping for some more great lighting tomorrow

Using one of my favorite colors from Mosaic Moon  “Lorelei”  A Butterfly Shrug using the pattern from Tomboy Knits


The matching skirt is knit of Cascade 220 with a coordinating tie and pockets for tiny treasures


This set will fit a 14-18 inch doll

Listed today….

Unfortunately I don’t remember the color but it is also knit using the Mini Me Three Tiered Skirt


This skirt will fit a 12-16 inch doll

This cold snowy day had me wishing for some sunshine…

which is unattainable right now.  But bright pretty wool is not thank goodness!

This skirt was listed this afternoon


Not quite as full as the others but it will fit a 12-16 inch doll

Tomorrow, a coordinating shrug will be added.

Custom Mitts are up next 3-4 pair!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of Joy and the Spirit!


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