Friday, March 9, 2012

A Few Things to “Finish”

As I’ve said before “finishing”, the weaving of ends and sewing on buttons drives me batty.  No idea why, it’s like the home run stretch and stopping right before you cross the finish line!  I’d been keeping up and weaving in ends as I went, I even was sewing buttons on before a garment was done…but I am a back slider.  I have a pile of items to finish.  Buttons, weaving in ends and a bit of embellishing is all that is needed.

Today is finishing day…..

a sneak peek for a YYMN Mama.This outfit will be done today

DYE & Sneak Peeks 005

& This shrug will be woven, embellished and buttoned!DYE & Sneak Peeks 006

If I can keep myself from casting on with this!

DYE & Sneak Peeks 007

Wish me luck!


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