Saturday, March 10, 2012

“Fresh” Summer Shrug

It’s amazing what you can do with leftovers. 

Last September I finished this YYMN custom.  I had a tad of leftovers, about 1.5 oz.  I always feel a bit uncomfortable when there is excess like this, I never know what to do with it & feel a bit guilty even when the customer says to keep it.  When the Mama asked me to make a spring shrug…well, I found a use for those scraps.

A sweet and simple summer shrug, embellished with the scraps of “Fresh” a wonderful colorway from “Green Strings”

Ribbing on the sleeves, hem & neckline trimmed with “Fresh”

Fresh Green SHrug 001

I’d saved all those little scraps and embellished a simple button flower

Fresh Green SHrug 002

And, with the bits remaining added to the back

Fresh Green SHrug 003

Making sure the design is flat enough it will not be uncomfortable for her little one

Fresh Green SHrug 004

I’ve found I love playing with leftovers!


  1. Ayarina, I forgot to note the button is from your shop! Thank you, it matched perfectly

  2. Don't worry!! This is so lovely with or without the buttons I made for you :)